How to manage natural curls using Three Little Words (tlw.) Hair Care products

How to get perfect natural curls using Three Little Words (tlw.) Hair Care products   Founder of Three Little Words (tlw.), expert in all things hair, and 36-year industry veteran, Deb Pereira shares with us her tips on styling and wearing natural curls:   "STEP 1 Start by shampooing your...

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By michael marlyn
Why LESS IS MORE when it comes to a healthy scalp

Shampoo companies have been putting toxic ingredients into shampoo for years. Everything from sulphates to parabens, synthetic conditioners, silicones, and pearlizing agents go into a conventional shampoo. Companies claim that these extra ingredients will make your hair ‘shiner’ or ‘stronger’, but none of that has anything to do with cleansing...

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By debbie pereira
How Three Little Words (TLW) saved my hair from the Australian Bush

By A Regina.   Work has brought me to a small, rural town in Australia. In the Bush, the vast open spaces are desolate, and the summers are long, hot and dry. I spend months on end away from bustling Sydney, and while I love having space to think and create,...

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By debbie pereira
Inside & Out

One green juice to go, hold the alcohol. As it turns out, the ingredient list on your haircare can be just as important as the ingredient list on your green juice. We use products like dry shampoo for all the good things: like refreshed locks, voluminous roots, and a blow dry that...

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By debbie pereira
A guide on how to incorporate the best haircare in your everyday life!

How do you define healthy living? Is it having a balanced diet? Spending quality time alone? Going to the gym regularly? Or… maybe it’s a bit of everything? Lifestyle plays a huge part in your health and the best way to maximize your wellbeing is focusing on all physical and...

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By Luke Young
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