Better Hair, More Often

With a focus on achieving and maintaining the ultimate blow dry, each product is designed to prolong the life of your style, while reducing drying time. Leaving more time to do the important things; like scroll through Instagram in bed, or actually have breakfast before work.


Award Winning Design

AWARD WINNING DESIGN Three Little Words was recently announced as a finalist for Best New Professional Packaging and Design in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards 2017. We designed our products to make your bathroom look as good as your hair does. Packaging features a minimal black and white design, experimenting with transparency, and a playful set of three little words designed to put a smile on your face. Perfect for selfies.


About the Founder

Designed and developed in Melbourne, Australia, Three Little Words is the brainchild of expert hair stylist and colourist Deb Pereira. Having spent a staggering 34 years plus in the hair and beauty industry, Deb felt it was high time she created a haircare system her clients could trust to nourish and protect their hair while delivering outstanding results. By sourcing ingredients from all around the world, and spending countless hours with her team of chemist and clients, she created a range of formulas that care and repair the hair from the inside out.

Need Help?

Contact: deb@tlwproducts.com or orders@tlwproducts.com. Also visit our pages related to Shipping, FAQs, Privacy and Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.